Haptic - my new side project

While building meetlog in public, I've noticed a problem, which not only I have, but many. My build in public updates about meetlog are all over the place. In twitter, on my blog, in maker log, etc. Wouldn't it be great if there was a place, where I could create a space for my product and gather all of it's updates in the public there. That's how the idea about haptic turned to life. I like to call haptic "The #BuildInPublic toolkit". Think WordPress for your product's public journey. I felt the rush quickly and set up a landing page in a matter of a few hours. Meet . It's already in the process of development. I'm working on the MVP and plan to release something very simple soon. On top of that, I already got 5 subscribers without much marketing, which is kinda validating my idea. I'm excited. And what about meetlog. It's on hold for a bit. I made good progress there, but decided that strategically it's better to wait

Building an audience is not a numbers game

 In a recent discussion in IndieHackers, a community member shared the following insight. In my mind, audience = hundreds/thousands of people regularly interested in your content, meaning you can share ideas and/or promote products to them. Sharing ideas helps you get feedback. Promoting your products gives you "free" distribution. Here's my response. I'm curious what do you think about the following thought experiment. I have, say 1 follower. Only 1. Elon Musk. I build batteries for cars. Is my audience Elon, or Elon's audience? What I'm trying to say is that the audience is not a single layer. The audience is multi-layered ;). That's why I think that, yes, you need an audience, but more importantly, you need an audience with as many layers as possible (quality audience). Now, do you still think of an audience in terms of numbers or in terms of layers? :)

Meetlog: a lot has changed

I have started from scratch.

You have to solve the problem first

I have a piece of actionable advice for all the devs out there.

Figuring things out

Probably one of the most liberating realizations in my life is that I am capable of figuring things out. By myself, without gurus, mentors, inspirational quotes, etc.

Feeling overwhelmed by work

I aways get the feeling of being overwhelmed by work. The thing that helps me relieve it is going through all the tasks and prioritizing them, sorting them out, removing what's not essential and ruthlessly executing on the ones that are.

Work smarter, not harder

Do not optimize for speed of execution.