Come to the dark side (if it's essential to you).

Here's a note to myself: do not waste time on inessential stuff.

It's so obvious, so painfully obvious. And yet so often I violate this principle. As a person who is developing a product by myself, I cannot afford the luxury to waste a single minute on marginal stuff.

One such trivial thing is a dark mode.

The other day I saw on Twitter a random post by a guy, saying that a product without a dark/adaptive color mode is simply not serious these days. Maybe he's right. Maybe the dark/adaptive color mode is not merely a trend anymore, but a bottom line feature. A basic, fundamental one. I can agree with this, as I see it in my digital preferences - on the laptop, on my smartphone. I always chose dark if I have the option.

At that moment I thought that that's a low hanging fruit and I should spend an hour implementing it in meetolog. So I did. But this hour turned into 4 hours. It was 2 a.m. when I closed my Mac in frustration. The colors weren't matching at all, the code got messy, my eyes were bleeding...

All this was a mistake. 4 hours were gone. 4 hours, in which, say, I could hook a payment provider to the app. Literally, a way for the money to go straight into my bank account.

But no. I was tweaking colors for 4 straight hours in the midnight.

And you know what...if I managed to implement the dark mode in less time, even in 30 mins, I still would say that it was a mistake. Because at the end of the day, the dark mode is just not essential at all to my product.


  1. It does not solve the core problem, nor it adds any value to the solution.
  2. It does not make money but takes off of my time.
  3. If a given product does absolutely nothing (it's an "empty" one) and just has a dark mode, what's the value of the product? What's the value of the same product, but without the dark mode? In both cases, it's zero. Big, fat zero. The dark mode is not the essence. It's supplemental to the core product. It's a convenience on top of something that provides value.

So, yes, I need to remind myself more often - do not waste time on inessential stuff. Do things that solve real, practical, reasonable problems. Once you have those, make it dark, if you want to. But don't waste your precious time on some guy's whims on Twitter.


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