Meetolog progress: creating meetings, UI improvements, routing


New year, same hustle.

I'm continuing to build Meetolog - an app to Manage the I/O of your team meetings. It's still in a very early stage, but the I'm pushing it hard. I'm constrained on working just a several hours a day after work, but still, that's the beauty of it. Everybody can do it full time. ;)

Back to the topic.

Since the last update several things happened.


Every app needs some routing mechanism. I've used most of the ready made solutions for react in several different projects, but I'm kinda sick of the complexity around those. I simply don't get it why a simple script that reads the url and renders a component based on it needs 5 major different versions (khm, react-router, khm).

Anyway, I decided to go with a basic, homemade implementation, which consists of...wait for it...a single if statement.

It's basically that simple.

I plan to share how it works on a separate post, just to keep things neat.

Create meeting dialog

That's a simple dialog/modal with title and tags inputs.

There's a basic validation (the title is required, the tags are optional). The form does not submit if the title is empty. That's it for now. Maybe later I'll add some length validation, but it's not needed for now.


I added notifications queue to the app. It's basically a component that's always mounted, using a NotificationsContext to inflate the notifications to the queue and render each of them in that component.

It's quite simple, but I wanted to make smooth and good looking. Which leads me to...

UI improvements

I improved some of the interactions like showing/hiding dialogs, notifications and dropdowns (as you can see in the video). For that I've used pure CSS animations (@keyframes). I'm happy with the result. Nice, quick and simple.

It's amazing how the right small touch can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of a product.

That's it for now. Quick and short update, but I love it like this - straight to the point.


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