Meetolog progress: the meeting page

In the last couple of days I've been improving the meeting page.

This is the page where the meeting I/O gets managed.

Here's a screenshot of how things are looking as of now.

You can see that I'm progressing slowly, but steadily. Since the last update, I've added a couple more sections.

  • Agenda - this is the section where one plans the meeting's agenda, duh :). In the initial design I did it as square boxes in a grid-like UI, but later on decided that it's more natural to be in a list-like UI. Like the different phases a meeting should go through.
  • Next steps - it's like a simple todo list, but what I've planned is beyond a list of checkboxes. Each todo item will have an assignee, sub-todos and notes. In which order and when should I implement these is still TBD. For the MVP I plan to release it as simple as that - a list of checkbox items.
  • Notes - nothing fancy here. I'm thinking of supporting markdown to have at least some basic editing capabilities.
  • Meeting details section - this is the thingie on the right. It's where one can see who's attending the meeting and who's the moderator of the meeting (the purple bordered one). On the screenshot is what the moderator sees - a delete button on every one of the attendees.
That's it for now.


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