Building an audience is not a numbers game

 In a recent discussion in IndieHackers, a community member shared the following insight.

In my mind, audience = hundreds/thousands of people regularly interested in your content, meaning you can share ideas and/or promote products to them. Sharing ideas helps you get feedback. Promoting your products gives you "free" distribution.

Here's my response.

I'm curious what do you think about the following thought experiment.

I have, say 1 follower. Only 1. Elon Musk. I build batteries for cars. Is my audience Elon, or Elon's audience?

What I'm trying to say is that the audience is not a single layer.

The audience is multi-layered ;).

That's why I think that, yes, you need an audience, but more importantly, you need an audience with as many layers as possible (quality audience).

Now, do you still think of an audience in terms of numbers or in terms of layers? :)


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