Haptic - my new side project

While building meetlog in public, I've noticed a problem, which not only I have, but many.

My build in public updates about meetlog are all over the place. In twitter, on my blog, in maker log, etc.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a place, where I could create a space for my product and gather all of it's updates in the public there.

That's how the idea about haptic turned to life.

I like to call haptic "The #BuildInPublic toolkit". Think WordPress for your product's public journey.

I felt the rush quickly and set up a landing page in a matter of a few hours.

Meet https://haptic.so.

It's already in the process of development. I'm working on the MVP and plan to release something very simple soon. On top of that, I already got 5 subscribers without much marketing, which is kinda validating my idea.

I'm excited.

And what about meetlog.

It's on hold for a bit. I made good progress there, but decided that strategically it's better to wait with it. Why? Because meetlog is much harder to implement and to do marketing of it. It's a much bigger project in terms of effort I have to put in order to see results.

With haptic it's a bit easier. It's easier implementation-wise. Easier marketing-wise. And it will hit the public much faster. With much less effort I plan to start making some money on the side, which will "buy" me the time to continue working on the meetlog.


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